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The authentic Alpine cottage in Valtellina - Lombardia.

Just like a fairy-tale. A wooden cottage in the forest.

Encapsulating the ambience and charm of yesteryear. Books, armchairs, rugs, benches, toys, wool jumpers and pewter plates, all surrounded and enveloped by the sweet scent of the "cirmolo" pine, the tree of the Alps.

A lifetime of memories of a family who found sanctuary in this home, awaiting, rediscovering and admiring the passing of the Alpine seasons. The mountains emanating energies and colours that are always new and worth admiring them all together.

This home resembles this family, proud of its Valtellina origin: it tells us its history, its atmosphere of traditions, of the sounds of joy and fun as games were played and jokes were shared, of desired projects and dreams.

This place is synonymous with sharing and never of folly.

This place is where its inhabitants retain their deepest roots, a sense of belonging, the values which followed them along their various life journeys out in the world.

This place is a childhood home that one never leaves behind, it is the home of an entire family, the QC family. The beating heart of its union, its Heart Quarters, the headquarters of affections, and now open to all.

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QC Terme

QC Terme

QC Terme Bagni Nuovi, Bagni Vecchi: the thermal spa in the heart of Valtellina.

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